Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research

Credit: NZ Wineries Inc, Waipara Hills

Science Communicator

The 2016 Kaikōura earthquake caused significant issues for wine producers in the Marlborough and Canterbury regions of Aotearoa New Zealand. Damage occurred right across the value chain, from vineyard to sale. The earthquake just provides the backdrop to other issues affecting the wine industry, however. Over the last ten years, wineries in Marlborough and Canterbury have endured damaging wildfires, drought, flood, snowstorm, late frost, unseasonably wet weather, COVID lockdowns and severe labour shortages.

My work in the final stage of the project ‘Enhancing earthquake resilience in the wine industry’ involved targeted engagement. I wrote and subcontracted the design for fact sheets that are a precis of key lessons, insights and experiences contained in the 20+ scientific publications produced by the project. These fact sheets are targeted at winery owners and operators.

Ceridwyn is a terrific science communicator, and a real pleasure to work with. Working with a team of engineers and social scientists, she helped us translate research findings into a series of accessible, and visually appealing fact sheets for the wine industry focused on earthquake resilience. Ceridwyn was able to take complex and detailed information, and synthesise for a lay audience, and helped coordinate graphic design and production aspects too. I can’t recommend her and her work highly enough!

Nicholas Cradock-Henry, Senior Scientist, Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research Research

My role included science communication, writing, editing, and managing the design of the fact sheets for both online and print use.