Ministry of Primary Industries (Fisheries NZ)

Photo by Eddie Bagajewski on Unsplash

Senior Science Engagement Advisor

My role was to work on finding practical ways to explain fisheries science for the general public. This is in response to the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor’s report “The future of commercial fishing in Aotearoa New Zealand”.

I provided text for updating the fisheries science section of the website and built a series of illustrative design tiles for the website as well as an infographic diagram. I was also involved the the official response to the report.

I managed Ceridwyn during her contract at MPI. She picked up technical and thematic information quickly, understood the politics and mechanisms of government, and worked well with scientists and analysts alike. Ceridwyn fitted into the team quickly, and her cheerfulness and professionalism were a welcome addition. She has a great way of translating scientific jargon into something useful for everyday people. I’d be very happy to work with her again.

Sarah Crysell, Manager Strategic Engagement, Fisheries NZ, Ministry for Primary Industries