Story Collider

Photo by Matthias Wagner via Unsplash

Producer / Director / Host

The producer role has three pieces: event planning, storyteller coaching, and hosting live performances. I do all these alongside my fellow producer, Dacia Herbulock.

As a Story Collider Producer, I believe that everyone – whether they’re physicists or bartenders – has a story about how science has affected them. I believe those stories have the power to transform the way society thinks about science and who it belongs to. I share these beliefs with other Story Collider producers around the world.

It is our mission to:
• collect stories from as many different voices as possible
• help storytellers develop their stories so they can connect with a wide and varied audience
• make our shows and podcast accessible and welcoming to people of all backgrounds

Some of the stories I am proudest of have been included in the Story Collider international podcast: