Te Ao Hurihuri: Te Ao Hou, Our Changing Coast

A panoramic image of a golden sand beach. Dunes are in the foreground and a group of people are on the sand. The blue water has good surf waves and the blue sky has white fluffy clouds dotted across the horizon.
Rings Beach in Coromandel by Karin Bryan

Science Communications Advice

Te Ao Hurihuri Te Ao Hou: Our Changing Coastline is a five-year (2022-2027) research programme hosted at the Antarctic Research Centre and led by Associate Professor Richard Levy and Professor Tim Naish. It follows on from the NZ SeaRise Programme, which was also a five-year research programme.

I am working on the overarching programme communications strategy, which includes a website and plan for engaging with key knowledge partners across the different workstreams.